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9350Re: [webanalytics] What does the difference in same-process conversion rates mean?

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  • Wandering Dave Rhee
    Feb 2, 2007
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      Hi, Robert,

      Well -- it could simply mean that some products make a more compelling case
      to the customer than others, no? Others might be high-buzz, generating
      plenty of traffic and interest, but ultimately they're just browsing, not

      I'd try to compare it to other channel data, if you have it. For example,
      do those products convert at similar rates, relative to each other, for
      postcard mailings, phone sales campaigns, in-person signups (at other
      events), etc.?

      Also, within web alone, follow the "best practice" advice of segmenting your
      users. Do those who come from paid search convert differently than those
      who come from banner ads? What about from specific campaigns? You might
      find that one traffic source points primarily to the higher (or lower)
      converting products, and then can go figure out what that audience is
      looking for that you aren't providing.

      Good luck -- let us know what you learn!


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