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9342Google Analytics profiles and horsepower

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  • Daniel Waisberg
    Feb 2, 2007
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      Hi all,

      I have two issues that are bothering me about GA.
      I started creating several profiles using my account, taking into consideration the great value of duplicate profiles (which I read about on GA blog, Robbin Steif's, GA experts, Unnoficial GA blog, and Analytics talk). One of Google's employees, that was helping me with an issue regarding Adwords, insisted that creating several profiles for one site can slow down the website. It seems very strange to me. Can it be true?I am working on an analysis of the profitability of several monthly PPC campaigns. I started watching at the "all CPC analysis" (on Search Engine Marketing menu). But when I try to do a Cross Segment performance by Campaign, GA just don't give me results. I remember that GA offers a limited number of page views a months (and maybe limit the horsepower of the software?) Can this be the problem? We have quite a lot of pageviews a month...I think those are my questions, please help ;-)
      Have a great weekend.
      Daniel Waisberg

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