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9322Re: Peripheral software to support analytics

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  • JS
    Feb 1, 2007
      I use SPSS to perform statistical analyses on usage data, usually
      tying in other data points like account information, advertiser info,
      etc. SPSS will allow you to look at correlations between content and
      user attributes, run affinity analyses, etc. It can also help to
      eliminate outliers and anomoly data when calculating metrics.

      The other piece of software I use a great deal is Microsoft SQL
      server. It has the ability to extract and transform raw data which
      can be very helpful. Also, in MSSQL 2005 there are many data mining
      tools you can use such as fuzzy groupings/lookups of data, which can
      be good for search term analysis and data cleansing (it helps because
      user supplied data is never uniform), and data merging, sampling, etc.

      But those two require that you can extract raw data from your
      analytics system or that it has a data warehouse component. And both
      of them require a substantial understanding of data, statistics, and
      databases. MSSQL requires some database programming and scripting as

      Search engine rankings can be tracked using something like WebTrends'

      For competitive intelligence/audience measurement tools you have
      these three major ones to choose from: Nielsen//NetRatings, ComScore
      MediaMetrix, and Hitwise.

      There is a tool for every task, and generally a competitive market
      for every tool, so it's difficult to address your question without a
      little more specificity about your needs.

      Oh, and by the way, everything I've mentioned above is fairly pricey
      (depending on your definition of pricey).
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