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8745Deep Log Analyzer Free Edition

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  • Yuriy Martsynovskyy
    Dec 7, 2006
      Hi All,

      We've just released a Free Edition of our Deep Log Analyzer web
      analytics software.
      Free Edition allows analyzing up to 3 websites, supports log formats
      from all popular web servers. It can download logs from your web
      server via FTP or process local log files.

      Program lets you view statistics on every aspect of the website usage,
      - Popular pages, files and directories;
      - Entry and Exit pages;
      - Top Visitors, Visit trends by days, day of week, hour of day;
      - Sources that bring traffic to your site, i.e. Referring Websites,
      Search Engines with search used phrases;
      - Search spiders visiting your website;
      - Visitor system info, such as operating system, browser version,
      screen resolution, javascript support, etc.;
      - Website errors;
      - etc.

      Deep Log Analyzer uses DeepTracker technology for accurate tracking of
      user sessions and returning visitors. It's based on permanent and
      session tracking cookies in combination with IP+User agent method.
      This requires small piece of code in your web pages. If code is not
      there, program will use old fashioned IP+Agent method for tracking

      Program also shows how statistics change over time and allows to
      compare reports for different time intervals.
      Free Edition is powered by engine used in Professional Edition of Deep
      Log Analyzer software.

      Yuriy Martsynovskyy
      Deep Software Inc.
      phone: 604-357-3328
      WAA Member