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8686RE: [webanalytics] A/B testing "by hand"

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  • Melissa Cornwell
    Dec 1, 2006
      If you can create a report that looks at cookie values then you can do it.
      Just make all the different variations a different cookie value and create
      reports based on those values to get at the KPIs you care about.

      I did this a few times and it takes a bit to set up the reports and do the
      testing, but otherwise it works out great and doesn't cost you anything.



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      Subject: [webanalytics] A/B testing "by hand"

      Hi folks,

      I'd like to do some A/B testing of different elements on the home
      page of our website. Essentially, I'd like to figure out if changing
      different elements affects our bounce rate and/or conversion rate.

      I'm wondering...

      Without using any testing software specifically designed for this
      sort of thing is there one agreed upon "gold standard" for doing A/B
      testing manually? In other words, what steps would you use to test
      this? I'm sure there are lots of different ways that people on the
      board are doing this right now. I know I can easily change elements
      and test during different time periods, but ideally, I'd like to test
      2 or 3 elements dynamically during the same time period.

      The only tools I have at my disposal are Google Analytics and
      Coldfusion. I can modify all the code on the site, but don't have
      easy access to the log files or the server application settings.

      (I'm also not opposed to hearing about any "free" packages out there
      for A/B testing? I know that Google has Google Optimizer in Beta
      testing right now.)

      Any suggestions, recipes, or links would be appreciated.



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