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8390Best practices for JavaScript tags

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  • jay.allen@cutterbuck.com
    Oct 30, 2006
      We've run into a bit of an odd problem. We launched a new search that
      goes directly to an item detail page when a customer types an item
      number in the search box. All other queries go to a search results page,
      where we fire off a JavaScript tag to capture our analytics.

      So the problem is that for the queries that enter an item number, we
      never capture their search term. We also measure conversion on those who
      searched versus those who did not - and this isn't being captured
      either. There's a couple of ways to fire off the JavaScript, but I'm
      wondering if there is a best practice here. Should we insert a hidden
      page that has the js and pushes to the item detail? Or should we capture
      the information on the item detail page?

      Any thoughts are appreciated.


      Jay Allen

      Cutter & Buck

      Ph. 770-410-4700 x4708

      Fx. 770-410-4701

      1225 Old Alpharetta Rd, Suite 200

      Alpharetta, GA 30005

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