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812My loss is your gain ... SPECIAL OFFER on Web Analytics Demystified

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  • Eric Peterson
    Nov 30, 2004
      Well it seems that some lessons you have to learn the hard way in
      life. One I recently learned is that when the world's largest
      bookseller says "no, these are damaged" that basically you're SOL,
      even though the damage is ever so slight.

      My friends at Amazon returned two dozen books that are slightly bent
      at the corners. I'm not sure where the damage occurred but I do know
      what to do about it:


      Since so many people have griped about the price of Web Analytics
      Demystified, despite the fact that thousands have sold worldwide, I'm
      going to sell these slightly damaged books for HALF OFF!


      So now, provided you're willing to have the book arrive dog-eared
      rather than dog earring it yourself as you bookmark your favorite
      insight for future consideration, you can have a copy of Web Analytics
      Demystified for $29.98 USD plus shipping.

      I'll even sign the book and you're of course eligable to get the
      electronic copy and the key performance indicator worksheets FOR FREE!


      Anyway, since Amazon sells so many copies of the book it's hard to be
      angry at them so my loss is your gain. No refunds, etc. but I'll be
      sure to not send you a book I wouldn't want myself. Once I run out
      the deal will expire.

      Anyway, a special offer for those of you who are lurking around since
      I know that our active participants pretty much all have a copy


      Eric T. Peterson
      Author, Web Analytics Demystified

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