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646Re: recommendation for switching from log-based analytics software to Page-tagging

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  • Bruce Zimmer
    Nov 1, 2004

      We kept our old system running for 30 days, allowing our internal
      clients with long-term baseline data to examine the differences. In
      my training classes for those long-baseline clients, I set the
      expectation that the metrics disconnect "had the potential" to be
      the biggest pain point of the migration. I would then immediately
      detail the many advantages of page tagging over log files for our

      In the end, the disconnect was not a significant issue. Our new tool
      had many strengths compared to the old one and the cutover was done
      at year-end. We made it very clear to users that we were "looking
      forward, not backward" after the cut-over to minimize focus on year-
      over-year comparisons.

      "Purchase new tool. Start new baseline. Move Forward." This approach
      is easier to sell if you plan to spend a non-trivial amount on the
      tool. <grin>

      As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, log files still provide data
      which cannot be easily gathered in other ways, if at all. Our
      current tool can analyze data from log files as well as page tags.
      For almost all analysis, we use page tags. However, we analyze log
      files when that data source is appropriate, such as for search
      engine spider activity.

      Hope this helps,
      Bruce Zimmer
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