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644Re: recommendation for switching from log-based analytics software to Page-taggi

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  • Barry Parshall
    Nov 1, 2004
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      I hate to be tedious by reiteration, but Spider traffic is where
      your ROI is.

      When you consider the billions of dollars organizations spend on
      paid acquisition techniques (banner ads, PPC, etc.) and the relative
      importance organic search has on acquiring high conversion traffic
      (I'll leave this debate to another thread, but it's certainly
      significant if not THE most important acquisiton strategy), I
      question if there is a more compelling ROI story in the entire web
      analytics industry.

      Also to reiterate, simply processing server log files is not
      enough. You must provide in-depth Spider navigation data, keyword
      conversion data (the lone part of the equation that tag-based
      collection can provide), keyword ranking data, competitor keyword
      indexing & ranking data, ranking improvement recommendations and
      more. Without this, yes, server log file analysis ROI is greatly

      But to suggest server log files have no ROI story is just plain
      misleading. At a minimum, at least 100,000 practitioners of SEO
      tools (gratuitous product plug omitted) would disagree. Though I'm
      sure they're thankful for the reduced competition for the keywords
      that matter to them.

      - Barry

      Barry Parshall
      Director, Product Management

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, Matt Belkin <mbelkin@y...>
      > Finally, I agree that server logs are useful for tracking things
      like 'hits' on movies and mp3s - but again, where's the ROI? That's
      tactical stuff, good for blocking and tackling - but not the type of
      measurement that empowers organizations to make strategic decisions
      about their customers, marketing expenditures, and online strategy.
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