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5587RE: [webanalytics] Understanding content value - SEO specific question

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  • Ross Jenkins
    Mar 2, 2006
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      Yeah John, I think I am pretty clear on what you are trying to achieve. Sounds like a job for ASI, so that you could filter out data specific to customers coming through natural search efforts. The ASI would then allow you to access other critical reports that may help you to understand your 'value'.
      I am guessing you may need another s_prop/custom insight to pass in the actual page rank, which I get from another application. I don't think SC has a report around page rank at all. But because of Omniture's flexibility, I wouldn't be surprised if one could be developed. In any event, I think this is a solid project and one I wouldn't mind developing with my other custom Omniture projects.
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      jon.bovard@... wrote:
      Hey Steve, thanks for the reply
      To a degree yes.
      The situation is we have a 'Keyword' and we are trying to work out what part of the site has been the 'best' place to drive traffic into, be it PPC or Organic traffic
      For a very large business with lots of different areas of the site, you need to review existing search traffic ROI by keywords and understand
      1) the value of the traffic
      2) how that value translates into various parts of the site
      We know that Keyword X has delivered Y value. How then do we relate that to the site structure? More specifically how do we relate that back to an entry page
      The actionable component from all this is to then know what entry pages or areas of the site deserve the be optimised for search traffic the most
      An example might be that a Keywords report tells you that 'Red sports cars' gives you massive ROI and sales. How then do you find the entry page(s) that Red sports cars typically would drive people into your site. (Lets assume that you have 10,000 keywords that deliver you value)
      The difficulty is building a report to produce something actionable. So far nobody I have spoken to has been able to give me a clever answer

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      Subject: RE: [webanalytics] Understanding content value - SEO specific question

      If you understand which keywords you want to optimize for you should get them into the following areas of the page;
      On the page which the keyword is present;
      The keyword should be in the URL (if possible).
      <Title> tags
      <H1> (or headline) tags
      Then the beginning paragraph should have some reference to the keyword or related keywords.
      Simarly then end should have keywords.
      On the other site pages;
      Links should have keywords in them and/or surrounding the links.
      Obviously the text also needs to be readable by Joe Bloggs too ;o), the major challenge in the SEO part of the work.
      Things you can measure in Omniture are then step conversions from other pages to the pages with the keyword IE: link clickthrough. Keyword referrals from engines (and of course which the best engines are), conversions (sales/registrations) from keywords, step conversions from keyword page (link clickthrough again). By measuring step conversions to and from the keyword pages you can see which areas need optimization and also determine the ones which work well in terms of sales/registrations/whatever.
      As for SERP page ranks. That might take some investigation as I don't recall whether Omniture tells you your page SERP ranking. Of course you can analyze where people are finding you from in terms of referring URL's and determine (by physically looking) where your ranking is for any given phrase. Doing that over a sample size might allow you to determine what ranking you need to achieve in order to drive "x" traffic which equates to "x" result.
      Am I understanding your question right?
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      Subject: [webanalytics] Understanding content value - SEO specific question

      I am trying to understand what particular search terms are delivering value to a site, then I am trying to understand how our rankings within the SERPS (search engine results pages) translate into that value
      The business question that needs answering is:
      If our site is broken down into logical sections. For a given key phrase, which parts of our site are driving the acquisition of traffic via Search that results in the greatest amount of value?
      Another way of saying this is
      If we know a search term - what section of our site should we be focussing on optimising, in order to attract that traffic?
      For the record, my weapon of choice here is Omniture.
      This is a very complex question for which there are several answers. I welcome general or Omniture specific questions on how to answer this type of question

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