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5566RE: [webanalytics] Finding and defining an intern

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  • Amer, Mike
    Mar 1 2:22 PM
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      I think most full-time MBA students look for an internship between their
      first and second years. I know I did, and most of my fellow students did as
      well. I'd think a school with E-Commerce, Marketing Research or Information
      Systems programs would be a good place to look for an analytics intern. I
      think those types of people would have the type of quantitative, business,
      and communication skills that make good analysts. Give them a cubicle, a
      PC, and a copy of 'Web Analytics Demystified' and you're all set.

      - Mike Amer

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      My manager has gotten the green light to pursue getting a summer intern to
      help lighten our workload. So my questions are: what can I expect to find
      for reasonably qualified persons willing to take an internship? Where can I
      find these people? Do MBA candidates take internships? (I'm thinking the
      MBA pool would more likely have the type of people we'd need to get up to
      speed more quickly and take on some of the responsibilities I'd like to get
      rid of, if only temporarily).

      I work for a fairly large multi-channel retailer, using one of the main
      analytic providers. What I don't want to do is spend half the summer just
      getting someone up to speed on how to use Excel, never mind the analytics
      tool. I realize there aren't many programs yet specific to web marketing,
      analysis, etc., but as I'm writing a job description, what can I reasonably
      expect and require? And does the shortage of experienced web analysts also
      suggest there's a shortage of inexperienced people looking to get started in
      this field?

      I followed some threads earlier about where we all got started, but now I'm
      more interested specifically in where to find intern candidates/prospective
      new analysts, hoping that this field is getting more academic attention.


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