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446Re: Multivariate testing using the Taguchi Method

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  • Stephen Turner
    Sep 20 12:29 AM
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      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Blair Gorman" <blair@i...>
      > Hi all,
      > Wow, I just found this group, and as a somewhat fanatical tester,
      I'm very
      > pleased to be here.
      > Just letting you know I have released a free multivariate analyzer,
      > upon the workings of the Taguchi Method.
      > In essence, this allows you to test various elements simultaneously
      - much
      > more effective than simple A/B split testing.


      Did you read the earlier messages in this group about the Taguchi
      method? We've had a couple of interesting threads about it. Try
      searching the archives for "Taguchi".

      I have argued that the Taguchi method is not useful except for low
      traffic sites, or at least low traffic pages, and that this is the
      rare case. For manufacturing engineering, which is where the Taguchi
      method originated, it can be expensive to produce new experiments, but
      for most websites, visitors are plentiful. So I suspect that for most
      website experiments, it's easier and more powerful to do a full
      factorial experiment.

      Having said that, it's nice to see some software to conduct a Taguchi
      experiment where it is the right design. I just suspect that sites
      will start to conduct Taguchi experiments because they've heard it's
      the way to tackle this problem, even though a design which is simpler
      but doesn't have as good a buzzword is preferable for them.

      Stephen Turner
      CTO, ClickTracks http://www.clicktracks.com/
      ClickTracks wins ClickZ Marketing Excellence Award again!
      WINNER: Best Web Analytics Tool 2003 & 2004
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