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4355RE: [webanalytics] NetGenesis

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  • Oliver Schiffers
    Dec 1, 2005
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      RE: [webanalytics] NetGenesis


      some additional information...

      >2.  The data being in a standard Oracle database is a plus for
      >customization and tampering.

      In fact it makes NetGenesis the most powerful (but also most complex) WA solution because with some efforts you can do literally everything with it. (We have done literally everything with it for our customers)

      >3.  The potential (though we never realized it) of integration with the
      >other SPSS BI tools, like Clementine, exists.
      Yes, the PWA (Predictive Web Analytics ads a complete set of reports and insights.

      >1.  The reporting interface is, to be charitable, several major revs behind
      This sounds true. However, we have done an Excel dashboard and other (clickstream) visualisation for NetGenesis. The OOB is not as colorfull with bells and whistles as all other vendors I saw, but I have also met people who found this more usefull. For the others we have an XLS Dashboard.

      >2.  There were pretty common needs that we found difficult or impossible to
      >implement; we never got good clickstreaming, page title resolution, etc.
      All of this is possible, some OOB, some and more with customizing.

      >3.  It (as of last I checked) works off log files so you need to clean the
      Or Sniffer or Tagging or a WebServer Plugin or a combination of all.
      We also do in every project several other preprocessing tasks.

      >4.  It required a good bit of support to keep running from DBA, sytem
      That´s true

      >you run Windows patching on the Infralens reporting box it breaks it until
      That problem is gone with the latest release

      Kind regards,
        Oliver Schiffers

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