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  • Zachariah Freitas
    Nov 24, 2005
      Due to a job change from Intuit to H&R block. I've had to do a total
      inventory of my new domains. At Intuit I used Omniture, and Omniture
      provide a nifty piece of code that showed what parameter variables
      were sent and where they were going. My current employer currently
      uses WebTrends. WebTrends only uses a JavaScript Alert to show the
      full string being sent. This gets awfully tedious when you're trying
      to review thousands of pages. Does any one have code that I can
      utilize to parse out the variables in my strings and make it easier
      for me to review my site? If not, can anyone send me a copy of the
      code Omniture provides so I can try to reverse engineer it to work
      with other beacons?

      I'm also aware of other tools but am not sure I'm willing to pay $ for
      something I can get for free. Does anyone recommend any paid tools
      for reviewing your sites?
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