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4205Re: Odd things noted with Google Analytics

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  • Hosam Elkhodary
    Nov 21, 2005
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      Hey Fulton,

      Is this issue applicable for ad serving javascripts as well?



      <webbanalys@y...> wrote:
      > We can perhaps agree that it escalated the issue beyond anyone's
      > expectation. The problem is here in Europe it put website owners
      > breaking the law.
      > Cookie injection is when the page contaisn JavaScript code that
      > causes a cookie to be created in the visitors browser. It appears
      > be from the domain, but isn't. Thus an illusion of security as it
      > could be JavaScript code placed on a server by a hacker in attempt
      > peek into the other cookies sent from the same domain. On the
      > hand a cookie from a subdomain used for data collecetion would be
      > under far more control.

      [... thread truncated]
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