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4140Odd things noted with Google Analytics

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  • webbanalys
    Nov 17, 2005
      I've found some odd things going on with Google Analytics (GA), and
      one of them is connected to the statement Eric made that GA uses 1st
      party cookie (FPC). It seems that GA DOES NOT send FPC from the
      collection domain at all. Instead the code will perform the function
      of sending cookies looking as if they were from the website domain
      itself! If I am wrong then please correct me.

      It seems as if a massive amount of websites not using cookies before
      now are sending out 4 new ones and thus as a result not following the
      law which states the following (at least for us in Europe):

      EU-directive 5.3 on integrity and communication, every visitor to a
      website containing cookies is entitled information:

      * that the website contains cookies,
      * how these cookies are used,
      * how cookies can be avoided.

      Even worse is that if users select to opt out to avoid the GA
      generated cookies then ALL cookies from the domain in question will
      be blocked, even the ones that are used to keep user details and
      enhance website functionality!

      If the GA code is removed the created cookies will remain, and one
      actually is set to last until 2038. Given the recent coverage on
      users deleting cookies this adds fuel to the fire, sending cookies in
      this fashion is rather dodgy.
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