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328Re: Cookies, tagging and privacy

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  • jimmacintyreiv
    Sep 1, 2004
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      I do not think you are being naive at all in thinking that cookies
      will not be banned completely anytime soon. I do think that the
      chances that third-party cookie use/the sending of third-party
      collected information to sources other than the site that the user
      thinks they are sending it to may be banned sooner.

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      > > Stephen,
      > >
      > > I know you're in the UK and care slightly less about HR 2929 but
      > since
      > > you work for a US company have you looked at this bill and thought
      > > about it's implications at all? If so, I'm sure the group would
      > like
      > > to hear your thoughts.
      > >
      > No, sorry, I haven't read it. Although I don't know the history of
      > this particular bill, I don't get very excited when people worry
      > badly-worded bills, because most of them don't get passed, or not
      > without serious amendment. It's usually just political posturing at
      > the beginning. I suspect the chance that all cookies would get
      > is very close to zero. Am I being naive?
      > The ClickZ article which Bryan originally pointed us to referenced a
      > "great blog entry" which said "we are going to help the congress get
      > this one right, like they did in the end with Can Spam". That turned
      > me off completely. Can Spam was just a licence to spam, as far as I
      > can see from over here.
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