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321Re: Cookies, tagging and privacy

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  • Stephen Turner
    Aug 31, 2004
      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, Eric Peterson
      <eric.peterson@g...> wrote:
      > Stephen,
      > I know you're in the UK and care slightly less about HR 2929 but
      > you work for a US company have you looked at this bill and thought
      > about it's implications at all? If so, I'm sure the group would
      > to hear your thoughts.

      No, sorry, I haven't read it. Although I don't know the history of
      this particular bill, I don't get very excited when people worry about
      badly-worded bills, because most of them don't get passed, or not
      without serious amendment. It's usually just political posturing at
      the beginning. I suspect the chance that all cookies would get banned
      is very close to zero. Am I being naive?

      The ClickZ article which Bryan originally pointed us to referenced a
      "great blog entry" which said "we are going to help the congress get
      this one right, like they did in the end with Can Spam". That turned
      me off completely. Can Spam was just a licence to spam, as far as I
      can see from over here.

      Stephen Turner
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