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30939RE: [webanalytics] UBC/DAA Award of Achievement Program

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  • Jim Sterne
    Aug 8, 2014
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      Hi Tom -

      Yes, as the Board Chair of the Digital Analytics Association, I am biased,
      so I'll let others tell you how perfect the UBC/DAA course is for you.

      To your point about getting more 'hands on' experience... check out

      The Analysis Exchange is an effort to dramatically increase the number of people on Earth
      doing web analytics the right way. We provide free web analytics consulting to non-profits
      and NGOs around the world and our projects take less than our weeks to complete.

      Run entirely by Web Analytics Demystified, The Analysis Exchange is creating an entirely
      new way to teach digital measurement best practices by connecting great causes with
      experienced mentors and motivated students,


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      Hi all. Thanks for letting me join this group and I hope you'll not mind me asking, has anyone had experience of taking this course offered by the DAA? If so would you recommend it to someone who is trying to break into this field in the UK. Perhaps you know of a more suitable course or would recommend getting more 'hands on' experience?


      Thanks for any help,





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