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30925Re: Hi, basics about analytics

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  • yuhuibc
    Jul 30, 2014
      Hi Bob,

      Regarding this:

      - I am not very comfortable with the web app of Google Analytics. To study the data from your website, do you customize your dashboard or do you prefer to import the data into Excel in order to analyze them more comfortably?

      Is there a very good reason for not wanting to use the web app?

      The following are not "very good reasons":
      - Not in my comfort zone
      - I don't understand the web app
      - I like Excel

      With any analytics tool, whether it's GA or Adobe Analytics or WebTrends, or even if you're looking at Facebook Insights, your first touch will almost always be through a web app. Learning to navigate GA's web app can help you become familiar with the available reports in GA, and also make the learning curve less steep when you move to other tools, because you'll be familiar with the report labels/titles.

      GA's help docs may be quite wordy / technical, but they're quite good places to learn the web app. Or you can explore the web app on your own to get up to speed.

      Just don't be so quick to discount the web app.

      Yu Hui
      Twitter: @yuhui
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