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30791Google is hiding paid search query from all 3rd party tools

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  • maxfatter123
    May 7, 2014

      I just found out that Google will no longer be providing Paid Search Keywords to all 3rd party analytic tools, including Google Analytics, saying it is for privacy reason. 

      The only place where it is available is AdWord, which is the very tool you bit the keywords.  I want to hear what you guys think about this? how does this impact your analysis.

      In my world, I often do targeted banner campaigns on homepage based on keywords that lets to the site. For example, if the search query contains 'iphone', I will show products related to iphones on the homepage.  Now it becomes very difficult to do the same kind of thing because Google is no longer providing the search query.

      In my opinion, I think Google just doesn't want people to have a 3rd party view to audit how their traffic is performing, that's why they are doing it.  It is not privacy, it is business. We paid Google for the traffic, and only Google can tell us how the traffic is doing.  This seem like an unfair practice to me.

      What do you guys think? 

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