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30713Multi-Device users - KPIs & Insights

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  • Kush Soni
    Feb 20, 2014
      Hi all,

      Apologies upfront if someone had already asked or replied to the question already but I searched on internet and in this group but couldn't find something useful.

      As we all know that with the growth of smartphones/tablets our all standard web analytic KPIs are now impacted i.e. visit to order conversion is no more relevant or I would say not accurate to measure the business success since a single customer might visit from Mobile while travelling in train in the morning then complete the purchase on office desktop. If we assume there are 200 customers using multi devices now the conversion rate would be:

      Pre multi devices - 
      200 Visits
      20 orders
      Conversion rate 20/200= 10% (Assuming every customer is visiting once only)

      Post multi devices- 
      400 Visits (Assuming that all are visiting once via mobile and once via desktop)
      20 orders (this is original need so we are not expecting 40 orders)
      conversion rate 20/400 = 5%

      We all also know that there are limitation of identifying visitors as a customer i.e. they should logged in or any other unique key which can tell us he is the same customer visiting from various devices. 

      My ask:

      I have now a unique key which is allowing me to identify them as a unique customer but I would like to know thoughts from all experts to use this to provide relevant insights to the business for future planning:

      Can you suggest what all things I should look/analyse or KPIs I should define?

      Thanks in advance.