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30710New Web Analytics Tool - Recordings, Heatmaps and More

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  • Conner Hewitt
    Feb 17, 2014
      Hi Everyone,

      My name is Conner Hewitt and I'm the founder of Navilytics (https://www.navilytics.com), a website/app analytics tool that offers visitor screen recordings, mouse movement and click heatmaps, scrollmaps, and a few other cool tools designed to help people understand their site better, for both web and mobile.

      I wanted to first give you guys the URL to the live demo before explaining it further, because it's the coolest way to see what it's capable of.  We also offer a completely free account for anyone for life if you're interested in trying it out:

      Live Demo:
      Free Signup: https://www.navilytics.com/signup

      So what does Navilytics do?  With Google Analytics and other website analytics tools, you can find out who came to your site, from what country, and from what URL, etc.  The big part that's missing is what your visitors are actually doing on the pages of your site - where they are moving their mouse, what they are clicking on, how far down they are scrolling.  Navilytics is a tool meant to fill this void and allow you to truly understand what happens on the pages of your site by providing visitor recordings, heatmaps, scrollmaps, and other tools (I don't want to burden you guys with the full list of features and descriptions).  The best way to see it is to just visit https://www.navilytics.com.

      What are the uses?  It can be used to increase conversions if you do sales/lead generation, do usability tests of new sites, applications, tools etc, or even unique side-effect type features like creating support videos for your users.  I spent a lot of time on focusing on the quality of the platform, and I'm happy to be able to post about it in this group.  I hope a lot of you will think this pretty cool.

      Thank you guys, and if you have any questions about it or anything feel free to contact me through this message or the methods below.
      Conner Hewitt

      Email: connerh@...
      Twitter: @beeker1121
      LinkedIn: conner-hewitt
      Phone: +1 (630) 484-4196