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3071RE: [webanalytics] Re: How do we find how many visitors have directly typed our domain on Browser

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  • Jon Bovard
    Aug 1, 2005
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      You can check if the referrer is detected by typing javascript:alert(document.referrer) into the URL bar of your browser on the entry page.
      Email clickthroughs from web based consoles will usually have a referrer (hotmail, Yahoo, gmail etc) that the DOM (client tagging option) can detect or will be picked up as referrals in the logfiles.
      Email clickthroughs from desktop application (Outlook/Outlook express etc) wont have a referrer and will appear as a direct load unless they are tagged as Marketing campaigns.
      In some browsers I have noticed that a clickthrough from Hotmail for instance, the referrer does get picked up by the tags. Unsure as to why. Im not sure if the referrer would get recorded correctly within your logs even if the Javscript DOM missed it..it does illustrate that to track the source of traffic 100%, you need to do this with Campaign tracking codes in the entry URL. Trying to pick up the referrer is not always accurate.
      In this sense i think tracking Direct loads or no referrer is slightly futile.
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      The people who directly type the URL into the browser show up in your
      reports with "no referrer".

      However, that is not the end of the story.

      Email Clickthroughs
      Did I miss any?

      also have no referrer, unless you are specifically tracking email

      I don't think there is a way to separate the direct traffic from its
      various parts.
      Anyone have any experience doing this?

      Michael Helbling
      www.brulant.com - A WebTrends reseller

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      > Hello all,
      > How do we find how many visitors have directly typed our domain
      > (URL/Example: http://www.widget.com) on browser. Our eBusiness
      > Intelligence tool is NetTracker Enterprises edition.
      > Any help greatly appreciated.
      > Best Regards,
      > eBI Architect

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