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30535Natural language commands for Google Analytics

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  • canebr
    Oct 3 9:01 AM

      Hey everyone,

      For all you Google Analytics users, I'd like to introduce you to a product that my company is releasing.  It is a natural language front end to Google Analytics.

      The service lets you generate advanced Google Analytics reports with simple natural language.  So, if you want to know which keywords generated the most traffic to your registration page in the last week, you can simply type:

      "which keywords generated the most traffic to the register page in the last week"

      That would take a lot of time and training to do in Google Analytics without natural language.

      We will then translate your query into Google Analytics API calls, and answer your query.

      You can see more examples of our service here:


      Here is a video of the service in action:


      We also have a small tutorial on how to use it:


      And, of course you can use the service here:


      We've had some press on our sports service product:


      Any feedback and reviews are appreciated!