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30520RE: Google Analytics Filter results in higher traffic than unfiltered

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  • primzahl1877
    Sep 25 10:55 AM



      yes, I am using the same data range and I double checked that the raw profile does not include any filters.


      Regarding the filter set-up: I received a range of IP addresses that we use for internal traffic. I entered this range in the Google Analytics IP range generator. In the filtered profile I added this filter and set it to exclude. In parallel, I created a profile which should include internal traffic only. There I set the filter to include and pasted the same range of IP addresses from the generator.


      The profile with the "Exclude filter data" results now in higher traffic than the unfiltered profile. The include filter does not count anything, all numbers are zero and I set both profiles up on the same day.


      Any ideas?



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      Are you sure you are comparing the same date range?
      Are you sure the unfiltered profile is not filtered?
      How did you filter out your internal traffic? IP Addresses? Network? Please share your settings


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      Subject: [webanalytics] Google Analytics Filter results in higher traffic than unfiltered


      Hello together,


      I run a B2B website with relatively little traffic. We measure our traffic with Google Analytics. Recently, I tried to set up a filter in a new profile in order to filter out traffic from our staff in the office. Strangely, the new results or visits and visitors are higher than the unfiltered profile. Can anyone help what I might have done wrong?


      Thanks for your help!

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