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30275RE: [webanalytics] Re: Visit in Sitecatalyst

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  • Gabriele Endress-Balhiser
    Jun 6, 2013
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      That’s right, I forgot about the fact that they are persistent cookies to
      track visits. I've just worked with a lot of sites where a higher than
      average percent of visitors block all cookies, and so I'm used to seeing
      visits end when folks exit the site because of that (and yes that does
      really mess with the visit count and make it seem inflated).


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      Adobe's documentation is pretty clear that your answer is incorrect.

      You can navigate to other sites for 29 minutes and come back, and you are
      still in the same visit. Same for opening and closing your browser, unless
      you clear all cookies every time you close your browser.

      Your scenario will trigger multiple entries and exits metrics, but only one


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