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30274Re: How to get started analyzing with Omniture

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  • Judah Phillips
    Jun 6, 2013
      Hi Raj,

      I think you're asking a few different questions:

      1) Is OMTR standard reporting better than the same BI reporting you create?

      Yes, it probably will be but it will likely have limitations that will
      irritate you as a BI person. Without knowing your business requirements
      its hard for me to guide you, but I have watched many BI people fail to
      replicate accurately even the most basic, simple reporting in Omniture.
      That said, it can be done, and in some cases you can create using BI
      better analysis by freeing yourself from the limitations of the way web
      analytics tools process collected data and allow for customizations on the
      reports from their data.

      2) Are you seeing "all data" from Omniture?

      That, of course, depends on your definition of "all data." If you mean are
      you counting all the people and related derivatives, like unique visitors
      and visits, and so on. The answer is No you are absolutely not collecting
      "all data" with OMTR. The data you collect in OMTR depends on your data
      collection (which is likely Javascript) and externalities you can't control
      like browser settings and proxies and so on. The big piece of missing data,
      for an engineer, is that OMTR is missing robotic traffic and non-js
      executing bots, browsers with JS turned off, lots of mobile traffic (why
      OMTR has an API for mobile), and other traffic for a number of reasons
      (from proxies to security software to plugins) and so on. It's beyond the
      scope of this response though to list all the reasons for missing traffic,
      but you can find reasons online or in books.

      That said, these facts are endemic to all web analytics tools more or less.
      Thus it's likely what you have in your OMTR logs if you are using
      Javascript is almost identical to what Omniture would process in their
      SaaS, but not exactly since they filter and post process their raw data
      after collected (but will charge you for js-executing bot traffic since
      it's executed server calls, lol).

      So even if you process the raw logs in Hadoop using Pentaho, you aren't
      suddenly going to find all this missing traffic. After all ,it's in
      Omniture's best financial interest to charge you for all traffic, so they
      aren't hiding any traffic. Instead what shows up in Omniture is limited by
      what the product does and does not do by design. It is what it is.

      It sounds like some manager is saying "the data is wrong," which can be
      true if you've poorly implemented or configured the tool or you have too
      many tools and too many people looking at too much data with too little
      perspective and too many reports and too little business alignment, but in
      reality the "data is different." So which data is right, your old data or
      the OMTR data? The answer is "yes" which is another way of advising you to
      concentrate on your business goals/questions based on the data you know to
      be accurate to your definitions. Do your best to use the data to guide
      decision-making instead of wasting a bunch of time and money trying to
      describe the origins of some manager's opinion about what the data "should"
      look like unless you are presented with hard data that shows your OMTR data
      is wrong - or you have lots of free time to spend not doing actual analysis.


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