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  • David Berger
    Jun 5, 2013
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      You would still be in the same visit in your example. Your Visit cookie on
      your computer basically expires after 30 minutes of inactivity or a .
      So, you can browse the site, close the browser, switch tabs, whatever...

      From: Adobe's Knowledge base:

      The Visitor metric is always associated with a time period, so you know
      whether to count visitors again when they return to your site. A session
      starts when the user first arrives on your site, and ends under one of
      three scenarios:

      - *30 minutes of inactivity:* Almost all sessions end in this manner. If
      more than 30 minutes has lapsed between pages, a new visit begins.
      - *12 hours of consistent activity:* If a user fires images requests
      without a 30+ minute gap for 12 hours, a new visit automatically starts.
      - *2500 hits:* If a user barrages your site with hits, a new visit is
      counted after 2500 image requests.

      Note: The definition of a visit can be shortened for a report suite if
      specifically requested. Have one of your organization's supported users
      contact Customer Care to request this change.

      The following scenarios do not start a new visit:

      - The user closing the tab, reopening it, and navigating back to your
      site within 30 minutes. The user can also close his browser or reboot the
      computer and still be counted as a single visit (given the visitor returns
      to your site within the 30-minute time period).
      - Users browsing your site in multiple tabs. Though multi-tabbed
      browsing does not increment visits or visitors, using a separate browser
      does. This is because the different tabs reference the same cookies, while
      separate browsers do not.

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