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30265Re: How to get started analyzing with Omniture

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  • JudahPhillips
    Jun 4, 2013
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      Raj - you're getting two different answers both correct but with different levels of understanding about what you are doing.

      The first answer is basically read a book or take a class. It presumes you have access to SiteCatalyst reporting or some other Adobe/Omniture product. These answers assume you have a named account and login into an Omniture tool.

      The second answer, what I was mentioning, is if you have raw logs in some filesystem or already in a cluster then what you have is likely replicating in Hadoop the same data collected by Adobe. Bifurcated data collection, happens all the time in more complex environments. In this case, find the people who implemented or control the data collection (in the site code) and go to the available reporting likely already built in SiteCatalyst (which can be very limited) or Discover (which is less limited). The people who set up the data collection (redundant in Hadoop) can provision you access/named user to whatever Omniture tools you have - or they will know who to ask... Also find out if you have access to a tool named Adobe Insight (not Discover), which provides more capabilities to work with raw logs.

      Once you have access to whatever Adobe tool contains the reporting (i.e. not Hadoop or some aggregation of it) then definitely do as suggested and read a book that gives you a viewpoint on web analytics, like Web Analytics: An Hour a Day by Avinash Kaushik or Web Analytics Demystified or Adam's book or the Adobe doc (like I did, lol) or take a class with Ms Endress or do both or all three and then do more.

      What I don't advise is trying to aggregate your raw logs using Hadoop, BI tools and building a bunch of reports (like in Tableau) however automated. Definitely don't do Putty/Excel (lol). While the BI approach to processing Omniture logs is possible to do, you won't really be learning traditional web analytics in this approach but rather applying your engineering skills in BI on web logs. It's also costly in terms of time, resources, servers/saas, and so on. And the results won't be as flexible as SiteCatalyst (which I think is about as flexible as a steel beam compared to other Adobe and competitor tools).

      Hope this helps.

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