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  • Birger Friedrichs
    May 1, 2013
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      Good morning,

      Though I work for DC Storm (a Tag Management and service provider) and
      I'm probably biased I would like to share my experience working with
      clients in this space.

      > If we are using a tag management solution rather than regular
      > javascript page tags method, does it add to the implementation
      > timeframe or will it reduce the implementation time frame?

      In the first instance you will have to add another piece of script to
      your pages which will add the container tag to your site. Depending on
      your flexibility and resources this might be quick or takes some more time.

      But this gives you the ability to add further tags and scripts to the
      container and fire them based on your own rules.
      If the provider has already pre-built templates for your third party
      tags it will be just about creating a serve rule and passing the
      mandatory (and optional) variables values to the tag.

      I normally advise clients to put some more thoughts into the implementation.
      A tag management system in general is a 'dumb' tool. It can only pass
      information to other tags or scripts that you provide to it or that the
      tms can extract from the URL or the page.

      Therefore try to think pre-implementation about which information is
      important for you to pass on to third party tags or which is important
      for you for setting up serve rules. This could be (depending on page type):
      - page type/category
      - product id
      - product name
      - product price
      - category id
      - category name
      - sub category
      - category path/breadcrumb
      - number of products
      - tax value
      - shipping cost
      - list of products IDs (e.g. category page or basket pages)
      - list of product names
      - list of category ids
      - list of category names
      - list of product prices
      - search term
      - search results

      Of course it's possible to scrape these information from the page source
      or from the URL and we do this for clients but it's much more easier for
      you if you provide this kind of structured data to the tms by using a
      data layer (or something similar). E.g.:


      Especially re-targeting tags can be pretty sophisticated and would like
      to collect a lot of information on your various pages (product page,
      category page, search result page, basket page, confirmation page).

      Having everything available in something like a data layer makes it a
      lot more easier to configure your third party tags and to pass the
      information to these tags.

      So to answer your initial question it depends. :) If you put some more
      thought and time during implementation you can save a lot of time

      > Also, how long would it take for implementation of a web analytics
      > tool using the tag management solution? (As a reference, considering
      > that the same implementation using a javascript page tag will take 3
      > months)

      This really depends on the tag. A simple Google Analytics tag is
      probably rolled out in a few hours (including testing and QA).

      More sophisticated implementations can take much more time. Especially
      if you have to pass a lot of custom information to your web analytics
      tool on the various page types. Then you have to think about which
      information has to be passed to the tag and on which pages and where do
      you get the information from.

      Our clients normally already have a web analytics tool implemented. So
      they are more after adding additional tags for their marketing campaigns
      (re-targeting tags, affiliate tags, price comparison sites etc.).

      If you only want to add a web analytics tag to your site, it might not
      worth to use a tag management system.
      But if you plan to deploy more tags to your site, I agree with Bill and
      it will definitely pay off the more tags you deploy.

      DC Storm provides a professional and free tag management tool.
      So feel free to register and give it a try to play with it:


      Happy to hear experiences and to learn from others and especially also
      the client side as the vendor and service provider space is often a bit
      biased: Everything's great!


      On 02.05.2013 05:53, Bill Bruno wrote:
      > I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Stephane here. My
      > team has done over 40 TMS implementations for enterprise
      > customers…primarily focused on Ensighten and GTM.
      > The use of a TMS shortens the runway in two areas:
      > 1. Implementation Time 2. Maturity
      > Implementation Time:
      > If you're looking at a standard deployment of 3 months without a TMS
      > for 1 analytics vendor, you're most likely looking at roughly 4-5
      > weeks to deploy that same vendor within a TMS. The time it takes to
      > deploy an enterprise TMS (one line of code referencing a library)
      > literally takes minutes. However, we all know that there will be
      > unit testing done by your IT team to ensure this passes all
      > tests..most likely in a DEV environment. So, you're most likely
      > looking at 3-5 days to get the TMS code deployed. However, you
      > don't need to have that code deployed to begin the implementation of
      > the analytics vendor within your TMS. In fact, you can just set up
      > a proxy to deploy that code on your browser only to begin your
      > testing. If you're deploying the base code…that's done in an hour
      > (I'm exaggerating this too…we've done it in minutes). The more
      > advanced deployments (events, link tracking, etc.) take a little
      > finesse from a strategy standpoint such that your implementation is
      > scalable down the road. 4-5 weeks would be on the high end. My team
      > has done full deployments in less than that for one analytics vendor.
      > Pixel tags (DART, etc.) are literally done in minutes.
      > So, in no way would you see an extended implementation with the
      > introduction of a TMS. In fact, there has been quite a bit of
      > research done in the space to back up what I'm saying.
      > Maturity
      > Because you're not spending all of your time on the implementation
      > (and I've seen a non-TMS implementation take over a year due to IT
      > conflicts), you can get actionable data throughout your organization
      > much more quickly. Also, data integration becomes much simpler
      > since you can connect client-side technologies via your TMS
      > deployment. As a result, we've seen an incredible growth in the
      > maturity of analytics programs for clients that have a TMS versus
      > those that don't.
      > This isn't a fad. There aren't smoke and mirrors. It works…and
      > when done right, by the right organization, you'll reap the benefits
      > immediately.
      > Feel free to reach out directly with any questions at all.
      > Bill Bruno CEO | Stratigent (o) 630.658.2215 (c) 773.203.6596 (f)
      > 630.658.2201
      > bill.bruno@...<mailto:bill.bruno@...>
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      > Subject: [webanalytics] Re: Tag Management Solution
      > Short answer since you said "as soon as possible"! :)
      > Q) will the use of a TMS add to implementation? A) From a pure
      > implementation standpoint, adding a snippet of JavaScript code for a
      > single web analytics solution or adding the bootstrap for a TMS will
      > take the same time. You will also have the same amount of work to do
      > in order to configure your web analytics tool.
      > Your very first implementation might take you a little longer because
      > a) you will need to ramp up with whichever TMS tool you choose and b)
      > you still have to put the snippet of web analytics tracking code in
      > the TMS (or configure through the interface).
      > But... a) once done, maintaining the implementation will be a lot
      > easier and you will save time b) if you deploy multiple tags you
      > will reap the benefits of a TMS by making it much more easy &
      > efficient to deploy them
      > Q) how long would it take for implementation? A) if your scheme of
      > reference is 3 months, I would add at least 20% contingency. On top
      > of the above comment about learning the TMS, don't forget you are
      > adding a new player in the conversation. If you had issues getting
      > your web dev team to add those JS tags you will still have the same
      > challenge getting the TMS tags there... Depending on the client, you
      > might also have to validate with legal and IT for the use of
      > cookies, compliancy and such
      > Hope that helps!
      > Stephane Hamel Director, Strategic Services CardinalPath.com
      > --- In
      > webanalytics@yahoogroups.com<mailto:webanalytics%40yahoogroups.com>,
      > "harshil" <harshilshah_2004@...> wrote:
      >> Hi All,
      >> I am engaging with some client for web analytics implementation
      >> along with tag management solution.
      >> Can you please help with the following queries for the same?
      >> - If we are using a tag management solution rather than regular
      >> javascript page tags method, does it add to the implementation
      >> timeframe or will it reduce the implementation time frame? - Also,
      >> how long would it take for implementation of a web analytics tool
      >> using the tag management solution? (As a reference, considering
      >> that the same implementation using a javascript page tag will take
      >> 3 months)
      >> Please help with these as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
      >> Best Regards, Harshil
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