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  • Peter O'Neill
    May 1, 2013
      Nicolas Malo & I would like to invite everyone/anyone in the Digital
      Analytics community to join us for an evening of #MeasureBowling
      <https://twitter.com/search?q=%23MeasureBowling&src=typd> on Thurs 6th
      June. This is going to be happening simultaneously across Europe - we
      currently have 10 cities signed up including Lille, London, Paris,
      Amsterdam, Wawsaw & Madrid. It is being organised locally in each city
      with everyone sharing a website, hashtag and running the event on the
      same evening. There is really only one rule - no presentations allowed.

      Details can be found at the MeasureBowling website
      <http://www.measurebowling.org> including links to register & pay for
      your ticket online. Please come join us for what is certain to be a fun
      evening, both at the bowling centre and with a bit of online banter
      between the communities.

      If you want to get involved but your city is not listed, let me know and
      I am happy to volunteer you to run your own MeasureBowling evening
      (there is not much work involved and will give plenty of support).

      Any questions, leave a comment here or via twitter - @peter_oneill
      <https://twitter.com/peter_oneill> .


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