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30100Tracking Custom links on Webkit browsers

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  • harshil
    Apr 2 6:32 AM
      Hi All,

      I am using custom link tracking for internal search related requirements. I have configured the custom link call to include the doneAction parameter for successful call completion on webkit browsers.

      The custom link code for onClick event of search button is as below:

      <script language="javascript" >
      function search(keyword)
      var s=s_gi('testing');
      s.tl(true,'o','Enterprise Search',navigate());

      var dest="Search Results.html?srq=" +keyword;


      <script language="javascript" >
      function navigate()
      return false;

      /*To induce a delay to ensure that image request is sent to Adobe before the user leaves the page.
      (WebKit browsers might cancel execution of the track link call when the new page opens. This often prevents track link calls from completing when using WebKit browsers.
      To work around this behavior, H.25 (released July 2012) includes an overloaded track link method ( s.tl ) that forces WebKit
      browsers to wait for the track link call to complete.)*/



      <form name="Search_form" action="search()" method="get">
      Search: <input type="text" name="search_keyword">
      <input type="button" value="Search" onclick="search(Search_form.search_keyword.value)">

      However, even after this, I am getting error in custom link tracking. The custom link tracking and defined variable setting is not happening consistently.

      Please help on the same. Thanks in Advance.