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30033Intersection of Social and Web Analytics - Need Ideas

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  • ashleykgibson
    Feb 28, 2013
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      I am working on building out new products for Meltwater.com. Our target audience currently are marketers and PR folks - social and news content is what we provide. We are very well funded and large (900 people). I have been considering building a product that would intersect social analytics and web analytics. So think of it as bridging both sets of metrics and provide a holistic picture. I have a lot of experience with clickstream tools (I first implemented Omniture SiteCatalyst in 2002 and was responsible for web analytics in my last job) so I am excited to build out something that I might actually use myself.

      It strikes me that in the last couple of years, with the explosion of social tools, that it's generally the juniorish marketers who get responsibility for social analysis and data strategy. Or at least that's my experience. Which is interesting considering that the folks who understand clickstream tools are typically very data savvy, have had he opportunity to be around longer and would be a great fit to own the social side of the analysis (rather than just adding social into their last click or multi channel attribution models).

      Would love to engage with your forum and get some ideas.

      Many thanks,

      Ashley Gibson