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30014RE: [webanalytics] Persisting attribution in Site Catalyst

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  • Blakeley, Robert (Rob)
    Feb 21, 2013
      Another different approach would be to place the click in a prop, say in the format of pageName_clickID where page name was the page the link was clicked on.
      So home_action1 and widgetPromo_action1 and cartPage_purchase.

      You could then use pathing to see the sequence.
      Participation in this scenario would surface the actions most involved, an importance ranking rather than a fall out inquiry.

      (We also use the above method in combination with evars and success events by copying the prop values into an evar.)

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      If you're trying to use conversion metrics, there is no clean way to do
      that. You could use participation but that still doesn't solve your last
      click issue (because then you're just assigning 100% of the success metrics
      to each eVar values).

      Another idea would be to stack a series of actions a user takes in an eVar.
      So basically take, say, a max of the last five elements a user has clicked
      on and concatenate them sequentially using some sort of delimiter.



      As you can see above, the risk here is that you're not capturing a complete
      "path" of the "internal campaign" actions taken, since you've capped the
      number of actions stored at 5. (this choice to limit the number of actions
      you capture, however, is still usually a wise one).

      If you're interested in the internal campaign stacking idea and haven't
      done something like this before, you'll need to add the Cross Visit
      Participation plugin to your scode.js file. This article would also be

      Hope this helps,


      On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 8:53 AM, dwhaltaboy

      > **
      > We're currently using query strings in URLs to track clicks on certain
      > buttons/tabs/etc. through our site (essentially internal campaign
      > tracking). How do you handle attribution in cases like this, when clicking
      > a second element during the visit simply overrides the previous values in
      > that query? I understand we can use multiple eVars for this - but is there
      > really a clean way to do that effectively? Any suggestions on the best way
      > to attribute particular click actions to a later conversion would be
      > greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks!
      > David

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