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29815Re: Pay somone to get Certified in your name - #measure sin or not?

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  • JudahPhillips
    Dec 2, 2012
      Feras - good point. Another use-case for certs is for consultants and consultancies to differentiate their services.

      In that context, certs seem to be most meaningful for Google since they offer no direct vendor prof services like the other vendors do.

      In a rapidly evolving industry where experienced practitioners are many years older than the certs, I see limited value in passing tests supposedly confirming one already knows what they do for work. But if you are new to a tool then certainly train and test.

      Certified Web Analyst has now rapidly evolved into something expensively and certifiably non-digital. What happens to GAAC when GUA leaves beta? Will GUAAC be the new black and GAAC be last year's hat?


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