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29787Returning Visitor and Profiles doubt

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  • D├ęcio Alexandre
    Nov 26, 2012
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      Hi everyone, I have a few websites which all share the same web property.
      On Google Analytics, I've set up profiles which filter access to each one
      of them through their folders.

      In the following scenario:

      1. User acesses Site A "for the first time".
      2. User acesses Site B "later" (but it "had not acessed it before", or
      deleted cookies).

      My question is about returning visitors.
      Is the user acessing Site B considered a New Visitor, since it "is acessing
      it for the first time" or Returning Visitor, because both sites share the
      same web property?

      From my understanding, the filter profiles in GA only work to filter data
      into different reprts. Therefore, since both sites share the same web
      property, the user acessing Site B would be considered a Returning user. Is
      that right?

      Thanks and regards.

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