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29737Re: Google Analytics Help Needed

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  • Michael Ellensohn
    Nov 8, 2012
      Hi Yogita,

      This is my first post in this forum and probably it will show up twice
      because I did another one before directly in the board instead of via
      e-mail... whatever, let's try it again.

      1. I'm afraid that there is no solution to what you are looking for in GA.
      Maybe someone else has a smart idea.

      2. For your brand search segment:

      Include > Medium > Exactly matching > "organic"
      Include > Keyword > Containing > "brand term"
      Include > Keyword > Containing > "misspelled brand term"

      For your generic (non-brand) search segment:

      Include > Medium > Exactly matching > "organic"
      Exclude > Keyword > Containing > "brand term"
      Exclude > Keyword > Containing > "misspelled brand term"
      Exclude > Keyword > Exactly matching > "(not provided)"

      Last but not least I would suggest to create a third segment for not
      provided keywords. All three segments should sum up to total search traffic.

      3. I don't know what you are aiming at with your analysis. Let's say you
      want to report how much traffic and revenue you had with branded vs.
      generic search. Then you could export traffic and revenue for all three
      search segments above (1 - brand; 2 - generic; 3 - not provided). Assuming
      that logged in users use the same keywords than not logged in users (I
      don't see a reason to not assuming that), you can simply split the traffic
      and revenue from the not provided search segment to the two other segments.
      Of course not 50:50, but weighting by traffic of the two main segments.

      Avinash Kaushik presents quite a complex way how to deal with not provided
      keyword traffic - you might want to have a look at that too:


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