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29616RE: [webanalytics] No data showing in goal funnel - should it show immediately?

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  • Béate Vervaecke | e-Zen
    Sep 29, 2012
      Have you checked your regex url’s against the “all-pages” report?

      Béate Vervaecke


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      Subject: [webanalytics] No data showing in goal funnel - should it show

      I have set up a new goal funnel for a new multi-step registration process
      using regex. I have tested these regexs by running custom reports for each
      page and looking at data in the goal flow report. Both the report and the
      goal flow are showing around 300 visits per day starting the process.

      However, when I look at the goal funnel for Monday it is showing zero visits
      to any stage of the process. I figured that it might take 24 hours for the
      funnel to kick in or something, but when I looked at the last month's data
      is showed up half a dozen visits to pages in the middle of the funnel, but
      none at the start page and not the average 300/day seen in custom reports
      and the flow.

      I have checked my settings against goal funnels I know work and it seems
      fine and I made sure that this funnel is set as active and to use regex, but
      now I am kinda stuck. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

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