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29580RE: [webanalytics] Re: Site Catalyst 15 - Wonky Segments

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  • Craig Scribner
    Sep 14, 2012

      I can't think of an Omniture segment that will mimic Google's method
      exactly, but here's the closest I can come up with:

      New Segment which both

      - *Includes* Referring Domain equals facebook.com

      - *Excludes* Referring Domain does not equal facebook.com

      This will give you reports with just the one value in the referring domain
      report, but my problem is that it leaves out visits that *started* from
      facebook but then collected other referring values before the visit was
      over. I've often wished for a sequence component of the segment builder:
      "first this then that" rather than just AND or OR logic. I think that maybe
      in the latest version of Discover they introduced this feature.

      Best regards,


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      Subject: [webanalytics] Re: Site Catalyst 15 - Wonky Segments

      Hi Craig,

      Thank you for your response. Yes, it makes sense to me that a single visit
      may have multiple referrers simply based on the departure and return of a
      visitor during a 30-minute session.

      My question is, even given that we know that one visit may have multiple
      referrers, when I use segmentation, the resulting group should only show me
      results that match the criteria within the segment.

      So, when I apply the segment called "Visits from Facebook" it should only
      return results that meet the segment rules which are to "include all visits
      where the referring domain contains facebook.com."

      In my thinking, the list should only contain the Facebook.com domain, but it
      shows a huge list of domains, not just Facebook.com.

      Again, it's been years since I worked in the Omniture tool. I usually work
      in GA. In GA, if I create a segment for Facebook.com traffic, the results
      filter all else out and show me only visits from Facebook.

      Any ideas why this is seems to be different in Site Cat?


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      , "Craig Scribner" <craigdscribner@...> wrote:
      > Linda,
      > The trick is that, in Omniture, a single visit can have multiple
      > The truth is that, technically, every single page you browse to on your
      > site has a referring value-but Omniture has applied a list of Internal
      > Filters to keep your own domain values out of the Referrers reports. But
      > a user leaves your site, then returns within 30 minutes via a link, the
      > Referrer value will show up in your reports-even though it's in the middle
      > of a visit.
      > Hope that helps-
      > -Craig
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      > Subject: [webanalytics] Site Catalyst 15 - Wonky Segments
      > Hi everyone,
      > I always get great information when I ask this group, so I'm hoping one of
      > you smarty pants can help answer what is probably a really simple issue.
      > I'm just starting with Omniture Site Catalyst and would like to view
      > using segments. There is a segment called "Visits from Facebook" and
      > called "Visits from Social Sites."
      > However, when I segment using either of these on the Referring Domains
      > report, the resulting dataset still includes referring domains that are
      > Facebook or not social sites, respectively.
      > I've tried this in two different client accounts and have had the same
      > experience.
      > I'm sure I'm missing something. Can anyone please tell me where I'm going
      > wrong?
      > Thank you in advance for your time!
      > Linda
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