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29574RE: [webanalytics] Site Catalyst 15 - Wonky Segments

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  • Craig Scribner
    Sep 13, 2012

      The trick is that, in Omniture, a single visit can have multiple referrers.
      The truth is that, technically, every single page you browse to on your own
      site has a referring value-but Omniture has applied a list of Internal
      Filters to keep your own domain values out of the Referrers reports. But if
      a user leaves your site, then returns within 30 minutes via a link, the new
      Referrer value will show up in your reports-even though it's in the middle
      of a visit.

      Hope that helps-


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      Subject: [webanalytics] Site Catalyst 15 - Wonky Segments

      Hi everyone,

      I always get great information when I ask this group, so I'm hoping one of
      you smarty pants can help answer what is probably a really simple issue.

      I'm just starting with Omniture Site Catalyst and would like to view traffic
      using segments. There is a segment called "Visits from Facebook" and another
      called "Visits from Social Sites."

      However, when I segment using either of these on the Referring Domains
      report, the resulting dataset still includes referring domains that are not
      Facebook or not social sites, respectively.

      I've tried this in two different client accounts and have had the same

      I'm sure I'm missing something. Can anyone please tell me where I'm going

      Thank you in advance for your time!


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