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29453Conversion funnel design help

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  • macca_on_wheels
    Jul 31, 2012

      Looking for a little help modelling a conversion funnel.

      This is a non-standard conversion funnel (IMO) for two reasons.
      1. users can enter the funnel at multiple points, i.e. SEO and referrals
      2. user can enter their product requirements at multiple points (the homepage, product list page and product details page), once entered the site remembers the product requirements and the user doesn't need to input them again.

      Here are a few examples of how our user journeys vary:

      Scenario A. Typical selling flow
      1. Home page visit
      2. Product requirements entered event
      3. Products list visit
      4. Product details visit
      5. Checkout - enter payment details
      6. Confirmation page visit

      Scenario B. SEO traffic to list
      1. Products list visit (direct from SEO)
      2. Enter product requirements
      3. View product details
      4. Checkout - enter payment details
      5. Confirmation page visit

      Scenario C. SEO traffic to details
      1. Product details visit (direct from SEO)
      2. Enter product requirements
      3. Checkout - enter payment details
      4. Confirmation page visit

      Has anyone dealt with this kind of funnel? How have you modelled it.

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