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29174Re: Reconciling Statistics

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  • JudahPhillips
    Apr 28, 2012
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      What does Abode support have to say about the issue?

      Before wasting any internal resources or time investigating an issue with vendor data, which occurred after a point release, I suggest asking the vendor. Simply, in the context of web analytics is "easy." If you already have asked the vendor, do post your synthesis and perception of the vendor response.

      In the context of web analytics is "complex:"

      1) did your site change around the time of the v15.3 release? Or did anyone modify the tool configuration or JavaScript or anything at all in the tool. Not looking at reports but reconfig or adjust or change anything at all in the tool in any way at all?

      2) if you, your company, or your team did not do anything to the tool upstream or downstream in data collection or tool config, the point release is the likely culprit (obviously) - and the onus should be on the vendor to explain and offer you a solution to correct. Vendors sometimes have issues with point releases because they fail to adequately and fully test all use cases. Perhaps you have have implemented/applied the technology in a funky way that now no longer works. Good luck with support in most cases if you spend small change or have no budget - as professional services may be required, and will almost certainly be suggested, at a cost. Who replaced Ben Gaines anyway - shouldn't they be responding? :-)

      In the context of web analytics is "hard," Jason has good advice - and the technologists who implement and configure tools on the list always have good ideas for data investigations into the innards of tools.

      In the spirit of occam's razor (the concept) ask Adobe first, but before doing so determine if any other metrics have also moved in unusual directions... And investigate carefully whether or not it could be you, not the vendor. :-)


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