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29173Reconciling Statistics

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  • Jason Palmer
    Apr 27, 2012
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      There are so many things that can cause the numbers to be different. You
      will want to take one stat at a time as you are trying to reconcile. First
      start with Pageviews. In theory they should be the same (equivelent to the
      number of tags fired). First check to see if everything is tagged the
      same, typically it is not. For example if you have a form tagged to
      examine abandonment as someone is working through the form, that may
      increase your pageview count depending on how it is tagged. Tagged videos,
      rich media content, etc. If you increased these types of tags in one
      measurement tool but not the other that will show an increase in one and
      not the other.

      That being said the next to look at is Visits and Visitors. Make sure that
      you session timeout and other settings are the same these numbers should be
      closer when comparing same time periods.

      However, each solution will have different default filters and custom
      filters for removing traffic. For example you can filter out internal
      traffic from your own company to the website. This can cause descrepencies
      in both solutions. For example if you set it to filter all bot traffic
      from your reports, most solutions do this by default. Each vendor has
      different filter lists so these will never be the same.

      This would explain some of the differences, but my recommendation is that
      you need to focus on using one solution not two. If the reason why you are
      doing it is to try and use one to audit the other, it will be a wasted
      effort. Spend your time making sure one is set up properly, everything
      tagged, and that you understand how it measures. If you have spent the
      money on SiteCatalyst, just focus on making it measure what you want.


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