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29095Re: [webanalytics] Anyone interested in sharing their GA implementation?

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  • Vanessa Sabino
    Apr 1, 2012
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      Nice idea!

      The "special thing" about my implementation is that I save the first
      and the last three traffic sources in a customVar. I started doing
      that before GA provided the multi channel funnels, but even now it's
      useful to segment other reports based on this data.

      The code to set this customVar based on the GA cookie is the first
      block here: http://static.dafiti.com.br/js/javascript.min.v2.js - but
      the code there is also saving a customVar with the time of the first
      visit, which I use to help evaluate our TV advertisements.

      I only have the minified version online, but I can get the more
      "readable" version in case anyone is interested.
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