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29094Anyone interested in sharing their GA implementation?

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  • Yuhui
    Apr 1, 2012
      Hi all,

      I believe that a lot of us here use Google Analytics. Some of us may have also customized it in a way that is far from a basic implementation. In the spirit of learning from the community, I'm asking us to share how we have customized our GA setup.

      I'll go first. My company's GA setup works entirely through a separate JavaScript file that reads variables that are set in the page code. I took this idea from Omniture's setup of separating "data" (the tags) from "logic" (the JavaScript code).

      Also, my code allows for:
      - using a simple validation to ensure that required variables are set correctly before a tag is set
      - including a customized search engine list
      - easily setting tags for multiple UA profiles
      - using a hack to add additional "utm" campaign tags when tracking certain websites, without needing my developers' to code it

      The full code is here: http://media.wego.com/js/ga/gawego.full.js

      Who else would like to share their GA implementations?

      Yu Hui
      Twitter: @yuhui
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