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29091Re: Omniture SiteCatalyst Search Engine List

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  • VaBeachKevin
    Mar 30, 2012
      This has been a bit of a sore subject for a while. I feel that every analytics tool should include the ability to filter spiders and bots automatically. This would not be difficult for a tool like SiteCatalyst to do.

      If this is not a spider that SiteCatalyst will filter naturally, then you have a few choices. You can have Adobe set up a db VISTA that would allow you to decide what spiders and bots you want to filter out at any time. Downside to this is that it typically is not going to be free.
      Another option if you happen to know the specific IP address of the spider or bot you want to eliminate would be to add that iP address to the "Exclude by IP" tool in the SiteCatalyst Admin console. That one you have to be careful with since IP's may change over time, and it could get reassigned to a legitimate user, or if you make a mistake you could end up blocking a lot of your legitimate traffic. Good part about that tool is that it is free. Another option would be to simple filter it in the s_code file based on the bot or spiders user agent. If you have the IP address, then a quick search should give you a good idea of the user agent. A couple of lines of code that should take no more than a few minutes to write and test will stop that bot from ever firing your code again.

      Kevin Rogers

      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, gritgirl@... wrote:
      > We suddenly started seeing a googlebot hitting a part of our site and
      > it upped our visitor numbers. Once I isolated the googlebot, I was
      > able to find out the ip this was coming from and confirm it was owned
      > by Google itself.
      > I contact customer service at Adobe and was told they filter by bot
      > name/IP address combo. This was not one of the combos. I was told I
      > would have to filter this one myself, to which I replied, I thought I
      > paid for your services for this.
      > I've been meeting dead end after dead end on this issue. If a search
      > engine bot is hitting my site from any IP address, shouldn't it be
      > filtered?
      > Susan Fariss
      > Web Analytics Manager
      > American Chemical Society
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