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29088Re: Omniture SiteCatalyst Search Engine List

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  • JudahPhillips
    Mar 30, 2012
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      Calling an account manager for that simplicity is why SaaS tools are simultaneously dumb and brilliant.

      Pains in the SaaS to do non-analytical simple stuff like futzing with tool config, which we still are calling "digital analysis." Sigh. When I configure R or Matlab I don't call it "analysis" rather it's research "overhead." Realizing none of us can do any real analysis until the data is collected to definitions by these "tools" and governed ruthlessly, so flame away...

      Not all SaaS limit the same areas as OMTR SiteCat (to which you are referring) but there is always some level of nickel and dime annoyance for paid SaaS but we get all the coolest non-limiting limitations for free with GA!!

      So use GA Premium, get your Adobe acct mgr to do a free POC for VS on-prem. Insight/VS is still the exotic car...


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