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28532Re: URL excel creator for tracking all external campaigns

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  • friedrichs04
    Oct 5, 2011
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      Hi Alla,

      I assume


      is a work around in order to create correct URLs. :)

      Too bad that Excel doesn't provide a function like URLENCODE(A1) to properly encode a text string.

      Since we also provide Excel templates to our clients and URL encoding was always a hassle our developers wrote an Excel plugin that adds the functions URLENCODE and URLDECODE. This is very helpful for us and our clients.

      We released the plugin to the public and it can be downloaded from here:


      Sorry, the installation instructions are in German. But you might get it from the screen shots how to add it via Excel's Add-In manager.

      If anybody is going to use the plugin I'm happy to get/see any feedback, shares, tweets etc. :)


      --- In webanalytics@yahoogroups.com, "Alla" <alla.omelchenko@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kris
      > Use Concatenate function
      > The formula may look something like
      > =J3&"&utm_campaign="&LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(E3," ","-"))&"&utm_source="&LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(G3," ","-"))&"&utm_medium="&LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(F3," ","-"))&IF(NOT(ISBLANK(H3)),"&utm_content="&LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(H3," ","-")),"")&IF(NOT(ISBLANK(I3)),"&utm_term="&LOWER(SUBSTITUTE(I3," ","-")),"")
      > where J3 is your destination url. I used ampersand as I have other tags in front but you van replace it with the question mark.
      > Previous columns contain your GA tag parameters.
      > Alla
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