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28262RE: [webanalytics] Funnel Reports in an Excel dashboard

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  • Zakrajsek, Scott
    Jul 26, 2011
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      Hi Jason,

      Definitely an interesting question and something I've struggled with in
      the past. For each layer I typically like to include % of total
      visitors as well as % of visitors moving from the previous layer with
      variances to previous period/previous year/recent trend, (whatever you
      deem relevant). I often remove the actual Visitor counts at each layer
      to keep the dash clean showing only the percentages.

      From a visualization standpoint I'm usually limited on space. I think
      the actual funnel image (martini glass) is somewhat useless in
      visualizing data, but I've experienced that non-web analytics folks have
      difficulty grasping what a conversion funnel is without it. Lately I've
      been going with a waterfall chart...I think it neatly displays the
      impact positive/negative in conversions at each layer, and most business
      people have seen them before which makes sharing the data easier. FWIW,
      I do like trend charts, but I usually park them in the appendix.



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      Subject: [webanalytics] Funnel Reports in an Excel dashboard

      Hi all,

      I'm currently working on a Dashboard and would like some advice,
      suggestions, experiences, or examples on how others have gone about
      reporting or including a funnel report in an excel dashboard. Ideally I
      would like to show this over time, but if not then simply for the month
      i'm reporting on. What's the most simple and effective way of showing
      this? and is the a particular graph you'd recommend? are there any
      resource you can direct me to?

      Like always your advice will be very much appreciated

      kind regards


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